In Essentials Unity, in Doubtful Things Liberty, but in All Things Love

Concerning my 95% agreement with Cork Free Presbyterian Church (Ireland), I posted too hastily. I am guilty of only skimming the site before I posted that. The level of agreement is not that high. The primary area of agreement is soteriological, since I disagree on certain issues such as paedobaptism, restriction on use of modern translations of Scripture, cessationism (I am a mild non-cessationist currently, who does not have or seek any sort of “prayer language” or “speaking in tongues”), and Sabbatarianism, for example. I am perhaps more correctly identified as Reformed Baptist, and I think this is where my true convictions lie. However, I can still fellowship with other Christians on the basis of doctrinal agreement over the essentials, though we disagree (and hopefully do so charitably) on the non-essentials. One of us could always find out we were wrong and need repentance on the issue(s) involved.
(By the way, I am not endorsing this site, simply quoting it for reference for the following quote)

In necessariis unitas,
In essentials unity,
In dubiis libertas,
In doubtful things liberty,
In omnibus autem caritas,
But in all things love.

I think this is an excellent motto.


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  1. Well, this is truly sad. I’m forced into commenting on my own blog. LOL! (I do have a method to my madness, however…or was it madness to my method? Anyway, I want to see what a comment LOOKS LIKE, since I may never see one otherwise!)


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