Running e-Sword in Linux

w00t! A chat friend introduced me to a website that shows you how to get e-Sword 7.7.7 working under Linux Wine 0.9.17. It works, too! I can’t believe it. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Running e-Sword in Linux

  1. Yeah, but that’s limited to the KJV for now (installation default) because I can’t get the other Bibles to install. The installation just sits there and churns, and perhaps might eventually be successful but I simply can’t wait that long. I’m notoriously impatient. Unlike most people, I can precisely measure my time span for being patient, in seconds, down to an accuracy of plus/minus a half second. So far I’m up from my rather youthful 19 seconds to most days 28 or even 30, now. And screaming and monitor shaking is minimal.


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