I Took The Red Pill

Only it was chewable, and slightly bigger than average. I didn’t know what to expect, really. Well, to be perfectly honest, I was expecting Cherry but got Cinnamon instead (which added to the effect of surprise). Seems like the Matrix universe got upgrades again, even after most people have forgotten about it and gone on with what they perceive to be reality.

OK, actually what happened is this… I’ve moved my Blog (again) without warning (again) to (this time) WordPress, so all future blog posts will be at byroniac.wordpress.com. Hopefully reality will continue twisting itself into an incomprehensible yet still enjoyable pretzel there.

By the way, the Blue Pill is now chewable, too (so I hear), but I’ll never get to know what it tasted like.


3 thoughts on “I Took The Red Pill

  1. i was just fooling around! I mean, it was just a little….red….pill…..and I was curious, and what could it hurt? Man, my world hasn’t been the same since. On the plus side, reality is a lot cooler now. 🙂


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