Upgrading to Reality 2.0 Not Entirely Smooth

Well, moving the old blogs from Blogger to WordPress went mostly smoothly: it transferred all the posts and comments in record time with no difficulty (color me both amazed and impressed). The only problem is: I used the titles in Blogger to externally link to other sites or items of interest, whereas WordPress uses links in the title to point back to the blog entry itself. Oops! So I’ve lost a great deal of my links, and most of my old posts are useless (through no fault of WordPress; strictly my own—I should have embedded the links in the actual blog entries themselves which is the proper blog netiquette to boot too I’m sure. Oh well. Live and learn). So, I’ve left links to the old blogs because I don’t have the time to convert all the entries yet. Perhaps someday. Rule of thumb: anything before December 18, 2006 is best found on the old blog; anything newer will be here. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause (if anyone even notices!).


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