Apple ][e on Linux (Sorta)

OK. Well, not really. Sorry, I lied. Well, the Linux part is true (grin). I found out that I can alter the screensaver settings even under Gnome (don’t get me wrong: I love Gnome, but I’m not especially fond of the default “hide everything possible from the user and automatically select default settings for assembly-line/mass-production” design paradigm). Along with that discovery came the information that yes, my Apple2 screensaver module can also serve as an anachronistic-appearing Apple ][e simulated display terminal, complete with ability to run a command shell, such as bash. Yes! And this is the command I used.

/usr/libexec/xscreensaver/apple2 -text -fast -program 'bash'

More information is found on the man page (man apple2).

NOTE: This actually runs in a window and not in true screensaver mode (explaining how to actually modify your screensaver settings under Linux in Gnome is beyond the intended scope of this blog entry. In other words, yes it’s a pain in the neck!)


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