Ubuntu 9.04 on an iMac

I bought an iMac. I booted it up on an Ubuntu 9.04 boot CD and… it actually worked! Wowza. I’m already running it virtually in Mac OS X under VirtualBox. If I knew how, I’d create a partition for it and triple-boot with Windows, but I’ll have to research that. I will say BootCamp is wonderful, and I run Vista Home edition (for games). Looking forward to Windows 7 on Oct 22! (Well, that brings everything up to date, I guess).

Download Ubuntu

Download Ubuntu


One thought on “Ubuntu 9.04 on an iMac

  1. Technically, it was an Ubuntu 9.04 DVD, fwiw. I was just amazed it worked, and X even came up in 1280×720 resolution. I didn’t test sound, but the graphics, mouse, and keyboard all worked so that is definitely a plus. However, I’m not sure how badly I would ever need to run it native, so I might just stick with using VirtualBox for now.


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